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Upplev Stockholms historia på ett kul och annorlunda sätt - spännande för såväl stora som små!

Stockholms Transport Museum om Flickr Commons

The Stockholm Transport Museum is Stockholm Countys public transport museum. Here we offer visitors an insight into the history of local public transport. We have some 60 vehicles at the museum, each one with something particular to tell us about travelling in Stockholm during different epochs.

We also have an extensive photo collection of some 400.000 photos. The photos dates from the 19th century to modern times. The collection depicts the growth of Stockholm and the citys local transport system. The museums ambition is to make as many photos as possible available in our databases and on the internet, mainly using CC-BY-NC license.
Spårvägsmuseet is also a member of the Commons on Flickr.
The photos on Flickr Commons have a ”no known copywright” license. This means that the Museum is unaware of any current copyright restrictions on the material, either because the Museum owns the copyright, or the term of copyright has expired, or because no evidence has been found that copyright restrictions apply. The photos are intended to be used for epronal, educational or research pupposes. Photos in high resolution for commercial use can be ordered from the Museum.
Please make a source reference to the museum when republishing the photos.

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